High Performance

We all know talent is not enough to make a player. Skill development and making the commitment to high performance tennis coaching is what makes the difference, along with a strong, determined individual willing to sacrifice everything for success. Success on the court requires a strategic, behind the scenes program, which is personally customised to ensure the delivery of a competitive edge.

Michael Dracos is a proven developer of young talent and the growth within the program speaks for itself, with participation levels increasing over 10 times since its inception. Michael is prepared to do whatever is required, both on and off court to get athletes to the highest levels.

High Performance tennis coaching requires a coach who has previously been in a High Performance environment. If you read through about us and testimonials you will see Michael’s background in tennis and get a feel of what he can offer your son or daughter. Michael experience as a player, through coaching other elite players and from attending international academies has given him the knowledge on how to best develop a player to the elite level in tennis skills, mental skills and fitness.

Michael has witnessed and worked within world ranked players programs, along with state and national ranked players and as such can develop the program that is best suited to your game style and body shape/size. He also has a great tactical side to his coaching, which he needed as a player having a slight frame and 175cm in height.

As is universally known, generally the best coaches are the ones who were required to grind and work hard at their chosen sport. The naturally gifted athletes who found it easy cannot relate and communicate to the vast majority as they were never subjected to that type of game style.

If you are looking at an elite training program, please CONTACT US to arrange a time to sit down and go through your options with Michael.