Corporate Tennis Events

Be it a tennis day, fitness day or both. We can bring it all to create the best day your company has taken your employees on. From intense tennis drills, to set stations of varying fitness activities, round robin format tournaments, Mad Athletes will create a day that is diverse, challenging, team building and most of all fun! A full kitchen is available, BBQ, licensed bar and a large clubhouse with showers. We can also make sure your favourite foods and snacks are ready to go when you arrive.

corporate tennis events mad athletes

Further information

  • We can also have a past Davis Cup Player and Top 60 World Ranked ATP Singles Player attend and give a short talk regarding his past experiences and answer any questions you may have before going out on court and giving you a run for your money.
  • We meet up with you to discuss your needs/wants and then present the program to you prior to the day. A jumping castle is an added option, with the program available day/night by appointment.


  • As there as so many varibales for a corporate day in terms of program type, added options like food/drinks/jumping castle, etc we cannot offer you an outright price.

Please contact us and we will quote you based on your dream event

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